A household name used by world-renowned surgeons.


Physicool has now become a household name used by world-renowned surgeons, elite athletes and everyday people alike, with our products used throughout America, Africa, Asia, Australia, and Europe. Our products are used for every-day purposes, ranging from the treatment of a sprained ankle, enhancing patient rehabilitation post-surgery to beating the heat of a hot flash.

But it hasn’t always been this way, with Physicool’s origins stretching back to the equine market, Physicool’s sister company Equinice, and a small office on a farm in Dorset, England.

The rapid evaporation cooling system you get with Physicool was initially used to treat race horses. It wasn’t until we received feedback from jockeys using Physicool to treat their own injuries that we realised the impact for human application. After extensive testing and product development, Physicool was born. We shot to fame in the UK back in 2009 when Physicool was pitched on the BBC television show Dragon’s Den. On the night of that successful pitch, our UK website received 36,000 visits and global interest and now we’re going global!

Today, we continue to grow our product offerings thanks to the development of new products and applications. Physicool is dedicated to enabling people to live their lives to the max, providing intelligent, forward thinking medical devices and lifestyle products to aid wellbeing to recovery. Check out our full range today and soothe your pain!

Treatment without the pain and ice.

How Physicool Works

Physicool bandages come pre-treated in rapidly evaporating coolant. As the coolant evaporates, latent heat is absorbed, drawing swelling and inflammation out, reducing pain. The CE Marked bandage is manufactured using an open-cell weave which acts as a conduit for the Coolant, it is 100% stretch cotton and contains no elastic and so cannot be over tightened.

The bandage needs no prior refrigeration and is ready to use straight from the pack. After 2 hours of use the bandage will start to dry-out. Recharge by spraying the coolant into the resealable pack or by spraying directly onto the bandage.

Air conditioning
in a bottle.

Rapid cooling mist

The ‘Cooling Mist’ cooling spray is a revolutionary cooling product for all women affected by the menopause who seek a natural remedy for hot flashes as an alternative to more conventional menopause treatment. The mist offers instant, long lasting relief to help combat the discomfort of Hot Flashes, often one of the dominant symptoms of menopause.

When applied the Cooling Mist cools the user, gently calming and reducing body temperature. The evaporation is more effective the hotter the user.

Cooling for


Equi-N-icE's unique horse cooling system provides the maximum in effectiveness for dealing with knocks, sprains, bruises or generally keeping your horse cool.

Suitable for use anytime, anywhere, including pre and post competition, Equi-N-icE products act fast, and are quick and easy to use.

  • Equi-N-icE draws heat away from the surface of the skin as opposed to driving cold in as in the case of ice packs.
  • The skin is as much as 15 degrees cooler after the bandage or rug is removed.
  • The coolant contains a unique mixture of non irritating rapidly evaporating alcohols ideal for use on sensitive thoroughbred legs.
  • Cold and compression is well documented as the most effective way of treating inflammation, swelling and bruising of muscles, tendons and ligaments.
  • Forms a vital part of any yard’s First Aid box and now used by top vets and trainers to reduce recovery time.

Innovative cooling products based on rapid evaporation