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MedActiv is a global leader in the development of transport and storage solutions for sensitive medication. Our products are designed to give users the freedom to travel knowing that their medication is kept at exactly the right temperature.

As the chosen partner of major pharmaceutical companies worldwide, MedActiv is constantly pushing back the boundaries of this industry.



The EasyBag becomes active in less than 40 seconds when the inner pouch is soaked in water. As long as the inner pocket remains moist, insulin is maintained at the right temperature.

The patented technology of the MedActiv EasyBag keeps your medicine at a temperature between 16 and 25°C up to an ambient temperature of 32°C for 3-7 days (depending on the chosen model) without electricity.

Because of its ease of use, the EasyBag technology is now the chosen solution of thousands of diabetics around the world.


The iCool bags use a new generation of gel packs that minimize condensation and have a longer thawing point than traditional ice packs.

Available in different shapes and sizes, the MedActiv iCool bags keep your medication at a temperature between 2-8°C for up to 36 hours. The iCool bags are discreet and elegant and will carry your medications safely anytime, any place.

iCool is the reference brand for the storage and transport of any heat-sensitive medication. Water resistant and extremely durable, the iCool bags will give you years of service.



LifeInABox is the world’s smallest refrigerator, designed for the safe transport of fragile medications such as insulin or growth hormones. There are in France 2,5 million people that are “prisoners” of their medication, because their medication must be maintained at a temperature between 2 and 8°C at all times. To these people, LifeInABox gives the freedom to travel anywhere, anytime, with the peace of mind of knowing that their life-saving medication is kept at exactly the right temperature.

Connected to a Smartphone application, available in iOS and Android, LifeInABox is an essential tool for the better management of medication schedules, as well as the management of chronic diseases such as diabetes.

The LifeInABox app not only follows the temperature of the medications in real time, but also sends to the user reminders for his medication schedule so that he can better manage his condition.

Exceeding your expectations for the transport and storage of medications.